Holiday Shopping And Credit Cards

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Saturday 16 May 2015 6:19 pm

Minimize Credit Card Spending During the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is a much-anticipated time of year for both the retail industry and consumers. For the retail industry, the largest percentage of their sales are earned during the holidays by consumers who have failed to plan and are easily lured to make impulse purchases for shiny new gadgets. Consumers on the other hand make a dash for the mall, credit card in hand, in search of a thrill from the fancy decorations and Christmas music, the sale signs, and the crowds. At the end of the day, or shall I say in January after things have calmed down, consumers are weeping because of their huge credit card bills wondering where all the money went and retailers are laughing all the way to the bank or the board room. While, its not such a bad thing for the retail industry, how can we as consumers make sure that we are not weeping but celebrating along with the industry? It is simple. We can develop a plan and a budget, which includes shopping year round for gifts and doing some comparison-shopping.

Christmas comes the same time every year. We have approximately 12 months to develop a plan and to execute it if we desire to save money and keep our credit card balances low. Why wait until December 1 or Black Friday to begin our Christmas shopping? For the adults and even some of the children on our list we can shop for gifts year round. Why not begin in January or early February when the winter clearance begins for many retailers? Or stock up on the latest toys and gadgets at significant savings on the day after Christmas. To avoid the long lines the day after the holiday, shop online where the deals have proven to be just as good. Some merchants even offer free shipping. Be on the look out for online coupon codes and free shipping offers.

Your plan should also consist of making a list, which includes the names of all the family members, and friends that you need to purchase something for along with a gift or two that is representative of them and your relationship. Then you should develop a total budget using the highest price item of the two that you listed and make the conscious decision to adhere to that bottom line. After you?ve done this, prepare to do some comparison-shopping, which you can do from the comfort of your own home. The thing about comparison-shopping is that you must give your self enough time; this is not for procrastinators. Check the Internet sites of competing retailers to see who has the best price and check the weekly advertisements too. This way you know what you want and where to get it before you leave home, which will reduce the number of impulse purchases you make and reduce the temptation to pick up things along the way.

Don’t become trapped in credit card debt year after year during the holiday season. Make a decision to develop a plan and follow it. Decide early on who you want to purchase gifts for and select the ideal gift. Then develop a budget that you can adhere to that will cover the expense of all these gifts. Finally, allow yourself enough time to do some comparison-shopping. Watch for sales cycles and weekly advertisements from those same merchants. Then make up your mind to be done or at least 95% complete with your holiday shopping before December 1st. By having a plan and make a concerted effort to stick with it, you can ensure that you will be rejoicing at all the money you saved in January because you made the decision to stop letting retailers control your credit card spending.

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Non Profit Credit Card Counseling Reducing Your Debt

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Monday 11 May 2015 6:21 pm

If you are going to look into debt restructuring and debt reduction then make sure that you check out the many non profit credit card counseling sites online. Many of these sites are put together by non profit agencies that are run by the government and they have been specifically put there to help you get rid of your overwhelming debt problem.

However one thing you need to realize is that not all credit card counseling are run by benevolent entities like the government or the church. Many so-called non profit credit card counseling companies are actually run by an organization called the National Organization for credit card counseling. This entity is largely supported by credit card companies and banks who feel that it is better that people be counseled to settle their debts for less then they actually paid instead of commit bankruptcy and default on the debt altogether.

Unfortunately not all non profit credit card counseling services are free. You need to read the fine print before you consult with one of these services as there is usually all kinds of hidden fees. One of the most common fees is supposed to cover the cost of procuring your credit report from you. This is totally unnecessary as you can very easily procure your own credit report for free from any one of the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax or Experian.

Another risk with using non-profit credit card counseling services is ?you get what you pay for? (as the old saying goes.) Sometimes you just get inappropriate advice or bad service. The worst type of non profit credit card counseling outfit is the one who forgets to report your consolidated payments to the credit bureaus which of course results in even lower credit scores then ever! These types of boiler room operations are prolific online and off and often keep your fees without helping you fix your credit at all.

Tiffany Walker is an author who works for various financial publications online. Read her most recent articles here: Credit Card Consolidation Debt Counseling.

Avoid Being The Victim Of Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Sunday 10 May 2015 10:04 pm

Are you aware of how many ways there are for thieves to take access of your credit card accounts and make unauthorised charges against your account? Simply by rummaging through old receipts that you have thrown out or left somewhere public, or by a shop assistant quickly scribbling down your card details while they are out of your sight, or by an untrustworthy seller who you give your details to on the phone, by mail or on the internet, your private account details can be taken and abused by anyone.

While most of these situations are quite rare, and there are safety measures in place to avoid the abuses they highlight, it is a fact that credit card fraud and identity theft is a growing problem that is costing the financial services industry more and more each year. Therefore it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and be familiar with a few simple steps you can take to reduce the risk that you will become the victim of identity theft.

Take The Right Steps

One of the simplest steps you can take is to sign all your cards on the signature strip on the back as soon as they arrive. You can also consider carrying your cards separately from your wallet and driver?s licence so that if someone were to find them, they wouldn?t necessarily have your identity and address. Keep your pin numbers etc. somewhere safe and never with your cards. If it is possible, the safest thing to do is to memorise and then destroy pin numbers.

If your card is out of sight during a transaction try to see what is going on behind the counter and seek to get it back as soon as possible. While still relatively rare, there is a lot of information on your card, which can be copied and used later on. You should destroy receipts if you do not need them. You should also check carefully all your monthly statements and make sure that all charges were in fact made by you. IF you have any doubts, contact your card issuer immediately to sort it out.

Do?s and Don?ts

Never leave your cards lying around where others can get access to them and don?t lend your card to anyone. Don?t sign blank receipts and never give your account details over the phone, by mail or on the Internet unless you are sure you are dealing with a company that you know and can trust.

If you do suspect fraud, or if you lose your cards, report it immediately to your card issuer. By following these simple steps you should be able to considerably reduce the risks of card fraud being perpetrated against you.

Joseph Kenny is the webmaster of the credit card comparison site and also for the latest credit cards available in the UK. He also writes for the US comparison site Credit Cards Info.

The Advantages Of RFID Credit Cards

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Sunday 10 May 2015 8:12 am

With all of the wireless technology that is available these days, it?s almost a question of how much farther can we go to make things easier? Even swiping a credit card has become too much for some and the invention of RFID credit cards is showing up at your local registers.

What is RFID?

RFID is a radio frequency device that allows information to be transmitted by radio waves. This is much like the FastTrak toll booth payments that allow you to wave a card at the reader to pay your tolls. And it?s coming to a restaurant near you.

McDonald?s is looking at implementing RFID credit cards so that people can fill their card with money and then wave their card at a register to transmit the payment. It?s fast, it?s easy, and it saves time in line. Plus it?s safer than you might think.

What?s great about RFID?

RFID is easy to use and easy to transport. And for those that are nervous about carrying all their information on an RFID credit card, you can rest easy because the information is encrypted and can only be decrypted by an RFID reader. Of course, who?s to say that thieves won?t come up with a way to get that information without your knowledge? But the general consensus is that RFID is much safer than traditional credit cards.

With traditional credit cards, you can simply enter the information into an online retailer or hand it to an employee who can then take down the information for their own use. This allows for plenty of opportunities for someone to use your information without your permission while on the Internet or by filling out new credit card applications.

With the RFID credit card that information never passes into the employee?s hands it goes directly to the server that handles payments. This is much more secure and helps a user feel safer in each transaction. However, with this technology, a thief will just have to take possession of the RFID credit card in order to use it.

Overall, RFID credit cards are the wave of the future, being used widely in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. They allow for simpler transactions and less worry. Even Chase credit cards are thinking about using RFID technology in their cards.

Yours credit cards could be next.

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Cash Back Credit Cards Guide

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Monday 9 March 2015 11:31 pm

Cash back credit cards are becoming more and more popular these days owing to its attractive cash back option. Cash back reward programs offers a flat percentage rate, generally 1% of purchases, rebated back to the customer in the form of a check at the end of a statement credit or at the end of the year.

Several merchants as well as established department stores offer cash back credit cards to entice its regular customers and new customers to encourage shopping at their stores by charging the purchases with their respective cash back credit cards. The customers who utilize this scheme will get the cash back reward for the total amount of purchases done at the end of a billing statement.

Most of the cash back credit card issuers create their own cash back credit programs. The two most popular types of cash back credit card programs will provide the customers with a credit to their balance card amount whenever the customer makes a purchase with the card. However, the original amount of the cash back reward a customer obtains will depend on the original terms and conditions of the cash back credit card program. This varies from one card issuer to the other and the amount of total purchases made by a customer using the card.

There are several points you need to consider before applying for a cash back credit card. The first step is to determine your spending habits and calculate how much credit is needed for you every month. If you are a frequent shopper and you buy a lot of products from a particular store which offers a cash back program, then obviously, it is a good idea to obtain a cash back credit card.

However, all credit cards offering cash back rewards are not limited to a particular shop. There are several credit card issuers who provide an ordinary MasterCard or Visa credit card which the customers can use at any shop which accepts payments, providing cash back reward offers for goods or services purchased using the credit card. If you are using these types of cash back credit cards, you need not purchase from one specific shop all the time. You can use these cards to purchase products from any store which accepts these credit cards.

Before you apply for any of the cash back credit cards, read the terms and conditions of the card carefully, paying particular attention to any annual fees or hidden charges that you might need to pay for obtaining and using these cards. To obtain cash back benefits, some credit card issuers will require customers to carry forward a card balance from one month to the next. However, often times these types of card offers are not useful as cardholders end up to paying more in higher interest rate charges just for keeping a balance on the card.

So, before applying for any cash back credit card it is a good idea to estimate how much you will spend each month and calculate the cash back benefit you will receive every year. Now, subtract the amount of the annual membership or total fees you will need to pay to obtain the card. The result, if positive, is the net benefit you obtain by using the cash back credit card. If the result is negative, you need to rethink your motivation for needing this type of card. Keep in mind that the best cash back credit card is the one which will help you to secure the most net benefit in cash back rewards less any fees or surcharges that will be incurred.

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5 Tips For Finding The Best American Express Credit Card

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Monday 9 March 2015 10:45 pm

American Express has a reputation of exclusivity and prestige, but in reality they offer charge card and credit card options for people of all wealth brackets, from those with a moderate income to the super-rich. Here are five tips to help you choose the right American Express Card for you:

1. Know your credit needs and habits. American Express offers both charge cards, which must be paid off monthly, and credit cards, which can be paid off over time. There are many levels of service and fees. Options range from the Blue, which offers no annual fee and online purchase protection, to the Platinum card, which charges a hefty annual fee but includes a wealth of perks such as a travel service and concierge service. Consider your spending habits, payment habits and income before deciding which card to apply for.

2. Consider which features are most important to you. Even looking only at cards appropriate to a specific income bracket, there are generally several options to consider. Look at the options available and prioritize which features and terms are most important to you.

3. Compare all of your options. While the first card offer you look at may seem perfect, it is always worth looking at all of your options. That way, you can either confirm that it is the perfect card for you or find something even better.

4. Read the fine print. Always be careful to read and understand all of the terms that apply to a credit card offer before applying. Consider how the fees, interest rates, grace periods, credit limits and rewards programs will apply to your use of the card.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is anything you don’t understand while reading through the terms and features of a card, don’t be afraid to ask questions. American Express has a well trained customer service department that will be happy to help you understand all of the details.

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Vacations: Paper Or Plastic?

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When you go to the grocery store, you are casually asked whether you want to bag your items in paper or plastic. Then you make the decision whether to pay with paper (cash) or plastic (debit or credit cards). These routine decisions probably take you less than a second to decide, but what about the vacation version of the paper or plastic option?

Typically, a credit card is your best option when traveling. If you lose the card, or it is stolen- you can make a quick phone call to your credit card company and stop your liability for fraudulant charges. Always carry the customer service phone number of your credit cards with you, in case you do lose or have the card stolen so you can quickly call and remedy the situation. It’s also a good idea to travel with two credit cards, from different banks, in case of emergencies.

When traveling internationally, a credit card is an excellent choice as you will not need to deal with exchanging your cash for the local currency. A word of caution, however, you will want to verify whether your credit card is accepted in the country to which you are traveling, as some cards are not accepted in all countries. You will also want to verify ahead of time the cost of using your card in another country, as some card lenders impose fees for purchases made in other countries. On the other hand, ATM withdrawals are often cheaper despite the cash advance fee-so you may decide to withdraw cash from a local ATM while traveling.

Even when not traveling outside the country, credit cards can make everything so much more convenient. Renting a car, getting a hotel room and dining in a restaurant are all perfect opportunities to swipe your card rather than counting out cash. Keeping your receipts for each transaction while on vacation means you have a record of each activity when you return home. You can figure out what your vacation cost you, and better budget for future vacations with that knowledge. When you spend cash throughout the trip, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending and on what, and who knows if when you went to pull out the $60 to pay your server for lunch another $20 fell out of your pocket?

If you are someone who tends to lose control of their spending, however, using plastic might not be the best idea for you! If you have to keep to a strict budget while on vacation, and the use of credit cards might cause you to overspend, then obviously go the cash route. A good way to keep your cash as safe as possible while traveling is to wear a money belt underneath your clothing, so that no one knows that it is there. Never wear the fanny packs on the outside of your clothing, as they make easy targets for pocket pickers and you are practically inviting them to steal your cash. It is recommended not to carry all of your vacation cash on you at once, just in case you do have a run in with a thief.

If you can determine how much money you can spend on your vacation, and know that you are able to stick to that amount while using credit cards, it is typically a good practice to use plastic for your vacation expenses. A good rule of thumb is to have the money saved for your vacation before you go, even if you plan to use plastic, and then that is your travel budget.

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How To Find The Best Reward Credit Card For You

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Reward credit cards come in different varieties. There is a different set of procedures for earning reward points and the ways in which you can redeem those points for rewards for different cards. There is a specialized field or area toward which a reward credit card is related.

For people who frequently fly with the same airline company or frequent fliers, there is an airline reward credit card, through which the customer can earn frequent flier airline miles on the purchases made. These airline miles can be redeemed for flight tickets or substantial discounts at hotels, travel destinations or car rental agencies.

There are some reward credit cards that allow you to earn points when you make purchase at drugstores, gas stations and supermarkets. You can earn a discount of 5 percent on these purchases while other purchases give you a discount of 1 percent. The points or rewards earned in this manner can be redeemed for gift certificates from the same stores.

Thus, the customer has to decide what kind of reward card will suit his lifestyle. A person who likes to be pampered with gift certificates or discounts for a meal at a restaurant will have no need for an airline reward card. Also you can find out from an airline company which you normally travel with, if it has a tie up with a credit card company which gives rewards for frequent fliers. Similarly check with your favorite hotel, restaurant, Gas Company and supermarket if they have a reward program in collaboration with a credit card company.

The reward credit cards normally carry a heavy annual fee. Normally people who take reward cards are presumed to be those who pay their balances in full and in time. So the only way the credit card company can make money is by charging a heavy annual fee. You need to find out that the rewards that you get from the reward credit card are worth the annual fee that you pay.

There are conditions laid by some reward credit cards as to how many points or airline miles can be accumulated in a year. You have to find out if the points are carried over or they are expired at the end of the year. You may not find buying a reward credit worthy at a time when you know for sure that you may not be able to collect enough reward points before the expiration date. Certain reward credit cards have spending limits beyond which they do not honor the reward points. For example, it may happen that your credit card company may just offer rewards for spending upto the first $15000 of your credit amount, when you have actually spend $20000 in a given year. Find out all these criteria before going for a reward credit card.

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Best Credit Card Offer Is Still Possible

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You could find a hard time getting the best credit card offer because this is an unproven fact. The best credit card varies in terms of the needs of a person, so there is no true one best credit card Nevertheless, it is more accepted if you find the offer which is best for you. Different persons have different needs. Therefore what you consider as the best would not be appropriate for another person or vice versa.

Probably everyday, you will be receiving countless numbers of mails which is encouraging you to avail of credit cards from their companies. Bombarded by lots of options, you might get pressured and easily decide and settle down on what you think is the best without conducting an assessment or even be confused by free credit card offers.

To avoid miscommunication, free credit card offers do not allow you to pay the application fee or annual fee in owning the credit card. Reread the unsolicited mails that you have received. You will find out that it is already stated in the application which is pre-approved. This type of credit cards is offered mostly by stores and banks.

Keep in mind that a credit card is just a modern term for borrowing money. There is only an extension of payments regarding the purchased products within a specified period of time. Even if the credit card that you have applied for is free, monthly interest fees will still be charged upon considering your purchase balances. When you pay your expenses late, late fees will be again charged doubling your payment. In this case it helps a lot if you carefully read the conditions and terms stated in your application to avoid getting fooled by the word Free splattered all over their promotional tools.

There are factors to consider when weighing offers from various credit card companies. It does not matter how you are going to use the credit cards, or your current lifestyle.

Every person first considers the APR when choosing the credit card they wanted to have. Economic experts even suggest that credit cards having the lowest rates when talking about interests are rated the best. They have based their findings on the equation saying that the lower an APR is, the lower the expenses you are going to pay. So, if you could find a credit card having lower interest rates could make a huge difference between savings and long term unpaid expenses.

You could find the best credit card offer if you have the initiative to research different credit card companies. It will save you greater amounts of money when you make comparisons upon the interest rates being provided.

It could be a difficult task especially if you are going to do it the first time. You could hardly find credit cards with lower interest rates if you don’t possess any credit lines. But there is still an option that will suit your needs. It is normal that you will be getting credit cards with higher interest rates at first. In the end, you will benefit from this action because once your credit card is established; it is possible for you now to apply for credit cards having low interest rates.

Beware of fantastic offers from various credit card companies. Before signing any contract, make sure that you already studied every detail. It is typical that credit card markets are very competitive with thousands of companies who are really after your business. Just take time when looking. Anyway it is for your own good when you get the best credit card offer and gain future success.

Aaron Ballantyne is the owner of a credit card website with links where you can apply for a credit card which best suits your needs.

In College? Find The Best Student Credit Card

Posted by Credit Card Man | Credit Card | Saturday 28 February 2015 7:56 pm

Credit card for college students has high annual fee and interest rates. Student credit card does not require a co-signer, since the credit limit is low and if the limit is breached you must have a co-signer. This co-signer will be responsible for the payment. Student credit cards are available online, and one can choose according to the needs of the credit card.

Leading student credit cards offer 0% APR up to six months on balance transfers, cash advances and purchases, enabling you not to default on your credit card payments. But before using a card one must be sure of the terms and conditions. The APRs for student credit card are above normal rates but if one chooses to pay the balance before the grace period, then that is sufficient. Some credit cards have no annual fees and allow you to manage the account online.

Choosing The Right Card

You may come across student credit cards while searching online. Once you get the list, compare them against each other and look for a card with low interest rates and no annual fees. It is always better to have a regular student credit card. Once you get hold of a credit card at least once.

How To Use

Different student credit cards offer many multiple offers and students should select a credit card with no annual fee and low interest rates. The credit limit should not be exceeded. The payment should be done in the same month. Once you manage to have a regular student credit card, you can apply for other credit cards. The proper usage of credit card can keep under good rating; else you will be bankrupt in the young age and will be ruined.

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